What of soul mates were bits of stardust who traveled the universe together billions of years ago finally finding themselves again

A thought I had last night.

Classy Ladies can Dance.

They’re soldiers.

Silence will fall when the question is answered…. Holy shit, his name somehow packs so much power that it ends a battle. (Keep in mind, this isn’t “the fall of the Doctor” that we saw, what we saw was what was left after the prophecy.

In the two last episodes of season seven, Doctor Who covered the two most enthralling subject points that fans have been writing about in their fan fictions. Meeting of two beings in the inner mind and timestreams. I’m so completely satisfied in the fandom sense

With the ability to travel all of time an space, are we not at the risk of crossing paths with another Clara somewhere? That would be such a twisty episode

Zelda Triforce Lamp

Must find 9/10’s!! Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

Last rant and Ill be done with it:

Rebooting the whole episode so that it didn’t happen is just as bad as “it was all a dream” plot cop out.

Sorry, but I’m just not happy with the last two/three - seemingly convenient and rushed episode endings…

Cold War - not enough character development or us to feel the monster’s change of heart.

Hide - 1. What the hell was the that creepy ass monster and 2. Why in the world did it even need that useless love story tidbit. It was awkward, rushed and had no emotional backing.

3. JTTCOTT - how freakin convenient for the Doctor. Oh a time rift out of nowhere without any build up of others around the ship… *frustrated*

It just feels sloppy…


Anyone else notice that with Moffat’s fascination with companions that shouldn’t exist? Rory, Amy and Clara all aren’t “supposed to exist” which Moffat insists on beating us over the head with over and over. Even River Song “shouldn’t exist.” He seems to be a bit of a one trick pony. I love Doctor Who, but I hope they get a new head writer soon. I miss when the companions were more than just a strange curiosity the Doctor decides to take with him.

As much as I’m enjoying season 7, I ‘m starting to feel like Doctor Who has lost a sense of repercussions and rules to their plot solutions. “Oh, I just made a character development milestone - that I’m gonna just take back immediately and pretend it didn’t happen.” Not cool.

Let’s stop rebooting the universe please. Its becoming a bloody pulp of a plot thene